Never wait in line again!


Stop wasteing hours sitting and waiting for your turn, wondering how long before they call your name. Your time is valuable and there are other things you can be doing instead of sitting in line looking at the clock.

  • No more waiting in the doctors office.
  • No more waiting for a table at the restaurant.
  • No more waiting at the DMV.
  • No more waiting for your take-out order to be ready

We are changing the way the world waits

Giving back time to millions of people who otherwise would have to waste time standing in line


Always know how long the long the wait will be before you get to the restaurant. Don't even leave for the restaurant, until you know that when you arrive you will be called next because your table is ready!.


They gave you an appointment but when you arrive you still find yourself waiting for an hour. If the doctors office is using theQUEUE, they can check you in when you arrive and then allow you run local errands until right before they are ready for you.

DMV / Social Services

You arrive, they give you a number and the place is PACKED and you are there all day and have no idea how long it will be. If they are using theQUEUE, you can check in from home. Get real-time updates of your place in line so you ALWAYS know when its getting close to your turn.


You dropped your car off and you are wondering if they have even started to work on your car, or calling every hour to find out if it is ready yet. If the shop is using theQUEUE, you will get a notification on your phone the moment your car is ready.

App features

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Updates every minute

All users get access to the live line status. You can see your name on the status board showing your position in line. Always know where you are in line. Updates every 60 seconds.

Run errands

Take care of personal business while your phone holds your place in line. Get a text just in time so you know when to head back.

Cancel from anywhere

Cancel your spot from anywhere at anytime

Works on any device

TheQueue notification service works with any device that has cell service, smartphones and non-smartphones. Any device with an internet connection can get real time updates on wait times and your position in line.

Check in from home

Get in line before you leave your house. Know how long the line or wait is before you leave.

2-way chat

Leave a note or chat from anywhere directly with the person managing the waiting list

How it works

Know more about the TheQUEUE.


You can either get in line from home, the car or anywhere.

You will get a text message on your phone when you are next, giving you plenty of time to arrive at the business location.


You can either get in line from home or once you arrive at the business.

  • Enter your name and cell phone number at the kiosk once you arrive at the business
  • You will then receive a confirmation text on your phone
  • Your name is now electronically on the waiting list in the cloud. You will receive a link to a digital status board where you can check your position in line from anywhere the world where there is an internet connection. You will always know how many people are in from of you and how long the wait will be.
  • You will get a text message on your phone when you are next giving you plenty of time to arrive at the business location.

Your Benefits

There is no equipment to buy and nothing to install. Everthing is hosted in the cloud and you are up and running in less than 5 minutes.

The only thing you do as a business owner is choose the person who is next in line in the list. The customers are ones that put themselves on the list so there is no extra effort on your party to manage this.

  • As customers arrive at your business, they can check thenselves in using their cell phone or a tablet/kiosk/cell phone at your business. The customers will have choosen what services they require and optionally the person at your business they are waiting for.
  • You can see the current estimated wait time for a customer that is waiting for your service. You can also see the entire waiting list for all staff at your business
  • As customers check in they will appear on your waiting list on your cell phone or on any device you desginate
  • On this device you can quickly see everybody on your waiting list along with detailed stats available only to you the business owner. Each person at your business can see specifically who is waiting for them and what services they want.
  • You have various forcasting, analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • See graphs of the busy times across previous weeks and months
    Reporting on customer visits, daily weekly and monthly
    Reporting on income across all customer activity over varios time perods
  • As customers check in they will appear on your waiting list on your cell phone or on any device you desginate
  • For each person on the list you will see :
Their order in line
How long they have been waiting
What services they require


Questions people ask about TheQUEUE

You have to know the url for the sign-in link for the business. Click on the link from any internet connected device and you will eb taken to the sign-in page for the business. If you don't know the url you can search for it below by entering the business name in the search box.
If you think a business can benefit from using TheQUEUE. Find the business in the search and click ADD. After five people click ADD, we will contact the business and discuss with them getting oline with TheQUEUE.
The only way we are going to eliminate lines is to get the word out and get more people on TheQUEUE. Please help get the word out and share and follow on your social media. The more people that get invovled and kknow about TheQUEUE means less wasted time and more hours back your life for more productive activities.


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