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Created and developed by Barbers for Barbers!

With BarberShopPRO

  • Your customers get in line from home
  • Customers can see the current wait time for each barber from home!
  • Customers get a text message when their turn is next
  • Your customers can take care of personal business while waiting.
  • Customers get real-time updates on their position in line
  • Customers know exactly how long the wait is
  • Automatically manage walk-ins and appointments at the same time!
  • Barbers remotely see who is waiting on you
  • Barbers remotely see all customer traffic in your shop
  • Send text messages or email announcements to all your customers
  • Barbers remotely see all customer traffic in your shop
  • Customers no longer have to call and see how long is the wait
  • Join our affiliate program and earn $50 for every Barber you refer

Be the barber that other barbers talk about. Join our affiliate program and earn $50 for every Barber you refer to BARBERSHOP PRO

Comes with a custom website that shows all the stylist in your shop with live up to the minute wait times!

Don’t Let Customers Slip Away

Don’t you hate it when a new face walks in the door and turns right around when they see how many people are waiting? You just lost a chance to turn a new customer into a regular. And you can lose regulars as well if they have to wait all the time. That is why it is critical to manage your busy times better.

Clean Cut Results

Don’t give your customers reasons to go somewhere else. Barbershop PRO has been proven to reduce walkaways, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your operational efficiencies. Make your customers and team happier, and you’ll see the results in the bottom line.

Delight Your Customers

Take the pain out of waiting. Give your customers visibility into their estimated wait and the freedom to walk around while they wait. Then notify them with a text message when you’re ready for them. Spend less time worrying about no shows and tracking people down, and more time on taking good care of your customers.

Empower Your Team

Forget messy paper waitlists and calendars. Anyone can learn Barbershop PRO in a few minutes. Quoting wait times accurately is easy when you can see at a glance key info on your waiting and scheduled customers.

App features

Updates every minute

All users get access to the live line status. You can see your name on the status board showing your position in line. Always know where you are in line. Updates every 60 seconds.

Run errands

Take care of personal business while your phone holds your place in line. Get a text just in time so you know when to head back.

Cancel from anywhere

Cancel your spot from anywhere at anytime

Works on any device

Notification service works with any device that has cell service, smartphones and non-smartphones. Any device with an internet connection can get real time updates on wait times and your position in line.

Check in from home

Get in line before you leave your house. Know how long the line or wait is before you leave.

2-way chat

Leave a note or chat from anywhere directly with the person managing the waiting list

How it works

Know more about Barbershop PRO.


You can either get in line from home, the car or anywhere.

You will get a text message on your phone when you are next, giving you plenty of time to arrive at the business location.


You can either get in line from home or once you arrive at the business.

  • Enter your name and cell phone number at the kiosk once you arrive at the business
  • You will then receive a confirmation text on your phone
  • Your name is now electronically on the waiting list in the cloud. You will receive a link to a digital status board where you can check your position in line from anywhere the world where there is an internet connection. You will always know how many people are in from of you and how long the wait will be.
  • You will get a text message on your phone when you are next giving you plenty of time to arrive at the business location.

Your Benefits

There is no equipment to buy and nothing to install. Everthing is hosted in the cloud and you are up and running in less than 5 minutes.

The only thing you do as a business owner is choose the person who is next in line in the list. The customers are ones that put themselves on the list so there is no extra effort on your party to manage this.

  • As customers arrive at your business, they check thenselves in using their cell phone
  • Customers see current estimated wait times for your service.
  • As customers check in they will appear on your waiting list on your cell phone or on any device you desginate
  • You no longer have inform the customer how long thw wait is or answer the question How many you got.

Pricing Tables

Base plan

Be the barber everybody talks about

$50/ month
  • Customer walk-in management
  • Customer remote walk-ins
  • 1000 Customer SMS notifications
  • Customer Leaderboard
  • Daily reportinng
  • Customer wait times
  • Live Shop status
  • Barber wait counts
  • Up to the minute live Barber est wait times
  • $10/mo each additional barber
  • $100 setup fee

Rapid refill

Easily add additional message to your plan

  • 1000 Additional SMS msgs


The team

The executive staff at Barbershop Pro



25 yeqrs designing and building software appplications for major corporations


Director or Marketing


Senior Account Executive

30 years cutting hair. Now selling software to streamline your shop operations


Senior Acccount Executive


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